Return to Monkey Island: how to get on LeChak’s ship


After figuring out how to make a mop, the players of “Return to Monkey Island” will be tasked with disguising Guybrush so that he can join the crew of the pirate ship LeChaka. However, unfortunately, simple cosmetics will not help in this case, which means that players will have to think outside the box if they have a chance to deceive the ghostly quartermaster standing in their way.

As is often the case in Monkey Island games, players will need to resort to voodoo magic, as well as a special item that can be found hidden somewhere on the Melee Island. However, in order to get it, they first need to solve some tricky puzzles, and then consult with the Voodoo Lady to find a way to restore the identity of the item hiding the magic.

How to disguise Guybrush in “Return to Monkey Island”

If they haven’t done this before when creating their own mop, players will need to get their hands on two monocles, as well as a carnivorous plant. The latter can be obtained by using a knife with one of the green plants in a Deep dark forest, where the players cut out the handle of their mop, and Monocles can be taken from a box on Wally’s table in the card store on Low Street. Players will need to exit and then re-enter the store after taking the first monocle in order for the second one to appear.

Assuming that players already have the aforementioned items, they should head to the Pirate Lore Museum, which can be found in the same area as the entrance to the Dark Forest. Once inside, they have to open their inventory and combine two monocles, and then use the double monocle to read the tiny numbers above the lock on the display case. Then they will want to go into the storeroom through the door in the rear right corner of the museum and take the Cracker Mix from the shelf on the left.

Players may have to talk to a locksmith before they can examine the tiny numbers on the display case or under the lock on the door of Otis’ prison cell.

At this point, players must return to the locksmith opposite the prison in the High Street area and hand over a piece of paper with a serial number to get the key to the museum showcase. They will also need to give the locksmith a mixture for crackers, after which she will allow Guybrush to cook crackers on a plate under a parrot. With these two items in hand, it’s time to return to the museum and steal the main item needed for Guybrush’s clever disguise.

Once in the museum, players must feed the parrot a cracker, and then quickly use the key to open the showcase and steal the bandage. If they fail to feed the parrot with a firecracker or take too long to open the box and take the patch after that, he will sound an alarm and warn the museum curator about the theft of the Guybrush, forcing the players to leave and then re-enter the room. a museum to reset the riddle.

While in the museum, fans of the series may want to take a moment to inspect some familiar objects scattered throughout the room. This will give them the opportunity to recall some of Guybrush’s past adventures, and many references to the first two Monkey Island games are just waiting to be found. This is completely optional, so those who are in a hurry can leave as soon as they get an eye patch, if they want.

Whenever they are ready, players must return to the dock area and then put on an eye patch while being near LeChak’s ship. Unfortunately, however, the eyepatch doesn’t seem to be working properly, so players will need to take it to Lady Voodoo on the High Street to fix it. She will ask for the bite of a thousand needles, after which the players must hand over the carnivorous plant they received from the Deep Dark Forest to continue.

After a short screensaver and an unconventional voodoo spell, the eyepatch will return to its former glory, which will allow Guybrush to take on the appearance of a zombie when he wears it. At this point, players can return to the docks and put on the armband as before. However, unlike last time, Guybrush’s appearance will completely change, and showing a homemade mop to the quartermaster will lead to him being hired immediately.

Those who hope to complete all the minor tasks from Guybrush’s TODO list may want to postpone returning to the quartermaster until they do, as getting a job as a mop will immediately lead to the end of Part 1. When players next get driving a mighty pirate, the ship will already sail away from the island Melee, which leads to the second part of “Return to Monkey Island, a Dangerous Journey”.

Return to Monkey Island is already available on PC and Nintendo Switch.


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