Return of r/place features Elven Ring, Outer Walls, Inscription, and more while fans get creative


The joint artboard r/place has returned, and Elden Ring, Outer Wilds and others have taken their rightful place among other iconic cultural products. A collective collage created with the participation of participants of various subreddits makes r/place a truly unique experience.

As expected, the most popular titles of the last few years have already left their mark on the canvas.

News about the revival of the subreddit after almost half a century of inactivity made the subreddits buzz and overload. Players and fans united to determine an action plan and ways to implement it.

The result was something exceptional and demonstrates the human spirit of unification for the sake of a common object of love.

The reboot of r/place was announced by Reddit on March 28. It was announced that it would begin on the first day of April and last for four days. For context: r/place first opened on April Fool’s Day 2017 as a social experiment.

The help icon on the canvas intriguingly demonstrates the collaborative nature of the effort:

“There is an empty canvas. You can put a tile on it, but you have to wait to place another one. Individually, you can create something. Together you can create something more.”

On the canvas, users can add, edit, change the color of one pixel from a 16-color palette. Once a tile has been placed, the timer does not allow that particular person to place another one immediately.

Fans quickly got together to come up with the very logo of their favorite game that they want to put on the canvas. Detailed posts, such as the following from the Elden Ring and Outer Wilds subreddits, talked about the plan and urged fans of the game to unite and succeed.