Return from Facebook to Essence: Experimental Practice discovered for University Students


An app researcher discovered that Facebook is testing an experimental app. University students enroll in this application, called Campus, with their own school email address. The university students included in the application can add information about their level of education or which dormitory they live in.

The first Facebook, namely ‘Thefacebook’, developed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, was actually a directory that Harvard University students could join. The application, which spread to other universities in the USA and Canada after a long period of holding, turned into a platform where everyone with a valid e-mail address can become a member.

It turned out that Facebook went back to its roots and conducted experiments on a university application. Application researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently discovered that Facebook is testing a new application called ‘Campus’, which only university students can become a member of. University students can sign up for this new platform using their e-mail addresses with the ‘.edu’ extension.

It will be used to find other university students:
Looking at the screenshots shared by Wong, students enrolled in Campus will be able to add at what level their education (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate …) and even in which dormitory they live. This information will help users communicate with other users in the same class and program. Facebook remains the largest social media platform at the moment. Facebook’s monthly active users are around 2.5 billion.

Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher and hacker in Hong Kong, discovered the Campus app while ‘disassembling’ Facebook. Although the Campus feature is said to be ‘experimental’ for now, it is no surprise that it has become public. On the other hand, Facebook is aware that the young population in the USA has not used Facebook for a while. In 2014/2015, approximately 71% of the young population used Facebook while this ratio dropped to 51% in 2018. It is stated that young people prefer Instagram and Snapchat rather than Facebook.

A study by Pew Research in 2018 showed that Instagram, owned by Facebook, has also developed a feature for university students, but Instagram has never implemented this feature. Facebook is also attempting to increase its popularity among university students from time to time.


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