Retro Studios, still looking for a chief producer


The offer of this and several other jobs in the team in charge of Metroid Prime 4 shows that its development is far from over.

After almost a year and a half since the restart of the development of Metroid Prime 4, and despite having made a good handful of signings in recent months, it does not seem that the launch of this long-awaited title is going to take place in the medium term. According to a job offer posted on Twitter by the Texan studio, they are now looking for a Lead Producer to coordinate their development.

“We are looking for a Lead Producer to join us on the Metroid Prime 4 development journey,” says the short tweet, accompanied by a link that goes into more detail. According to this offer, some of the tasks of this vacant position would be to keep pace with development, work with the different departments of the study and keep the team together.

In addition, it is not the only job offer at Retro Studios, since they also have others such as AI Chief Designer, Chief Animator, Level Designer, Lighting Artist or Concept Artist, among others. It is more than evident that there is not only a lot of time to glimpse the launch of Metroid Prime 4, but even to see something tangible of the game as a gameplay.

A winding road

The sequel to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was announced during Nintendo’s presentation at E3 2017, its development since then being anything but a bed of roses, as deduced from the video released by Nintendo in early 2019, Metroid Prime 4 Development. Update. In it, it was announced that the development of the game was restarting, granting this to Retro Studios, who came from doing a great job with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its subsequent remastering for Nintendo Switch.

In this way, the optimistic point of view would place the launch of Metroid Prime 4 throughout 2021, a year in which the arrival of Bayonetta 3 should also be seen, another long-awaited game, and of which Hideki Kamiya has already assured that its development goes smoothly.


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