Retro Gamer Finds Classic Super Mario Game Cheap at Goodwill


Goodwill can be a treasure trove of clothes, but sometimes you can even find electronics that are more than worth the trip. In the small town of Brenham, Texas, a Reddit user made a Super Mario find that made his day. A walk through the store led to the discovery of a retro game that any SNES fan could be proud of. The cartridge was Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, a combination of classic Super Mario games for the NES and SNES.

The redditor came across a Super Nintendo game that was not only good, but also included more than one game. This special game cartridge includes all the games from Super Mario All-Stars, as well as the classic game for SNES Super Mario World. For just two dollars— the same amount a Final Fantasy fan paid for his Goodwill find—the player received the entire Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. trilogy. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES.

In addition, the All-Stars kit, which should not be confused with Super Mario 3D All-Stars, includes Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. This game was originally released only in Japan and has an interesting history. In Japan, it was called Super Mario Bros. 2, and the game known in the West by this name is called Super Mario Bros. USA. The game, which many in the western hemisphere got their hands on in the late eighties, was released in Japan four years later, in 1992. Super Mario All-Stars was also the first official release of The Lost Levels in the US and Europe.

An amazing kind find in the small town of Brenham, Texas, from the games

The Super Mario All-Stars kit also has some interesting features. It does not offer exact copies of the NES classics. Instead, there are additional features, including updated graphics and sound, as well as an additional Super Mario Bros. 3 fighting game based on the Mario Bros. game. This makes the set of games seem to include even the first Mario game. Although a game cartridge without a box is not a record $2 million Super Mario game, and dozens of such cartridges can be found on eBay, it will certainly brighten up the day of a retro gamer. Especially at the low price of $1.99.

The goodwill trip included another find. The Reddit user in question found a special edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 at a discount, but unfortunately, the case was not completed. Only disk number two entered it. After other Reddit users confirmed that using a regular disc 1 with a special disc 2 would not give him access to any hidden Red Dead Redemption 2 content, this cartridge is unlikely to be as exciting as the SNES cartridge.

The original Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World was released in 1993 for the SNES.


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