Retires from Nintendo’s Mobile Gaming Industry


According to a report in Bloomberg, Nintendo has decided to withdraw from the mobile gaming industry. In a statement by an experienced analyst, it is stated that this decision may have been taken because Nintendo could not find what he was looking for in the mobile game industry and the desired return was not provided. The current mobile games of the company are not known at the moment.

Nintendo, one of the deep-rooted names in the video game industry, has managed to attract attention both with its game consoles and the games it has developed. Although the company has designed games for its own game consoles, we occasionally saw Nintendo games on mobile platforms. A recent development reveals that Nintendo is withdrawing from the mobile gaming industry.

According to a report in Bloomberg, Nintendo has not found much in the mobile gaming industry. Moreover, financial data is an indicator of this. As such, the giant company has decided to develop games for this console by spending its energy on Nintendo Switch console, not on mobile games that do not bring money. It looks like Nintendo will not be coming up with a new mobile game.

Serkan Toto, an experienced analyst, explained the reason for Nintendo’s withdrawal from the mobile gaming industry in a statement to Bloomberg. Toto says that even the mobile game named Mario Kart Tour, which was released in the last period of 2019, did not bring Nintendo. Moreover, Toto stated that the games he developed for Nintendo Switch brought a very serious profit to the company, and that Nintendo does not need mobile games.

Nintendo has recently announced that it focuses on Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. DeNA, the company’s mobile game development partner, hinted that a new Nintendo-signed game will not arrive until the end of March 2021. So actually, Nintendo made this decision much earlier.

Data released recently showed that Nintendo also has good income in the mobile gaming market

Data released about Nintendo showed that the company’s mobile games grossed more than $ 1 billion. However, according to the latest information, Nintendo’s primary purpose is not about making money from mobile games. Moreover, it turned out that Nintendo has even told developers to minimize the issue of in-game purchases.

It is not known how Nintendo will withdraw from the mobile gaming industry by players. In addition, the future of the company’s already few mobile games is also unknown. As there is no official statement, it is unclear whether Nintendo will work on existing mobile games or whether these games will be abandoned to their own destiny.


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