Resumed after controversy and censorship


The highly praised horror game Devotion, by developer Red Candle Games, can be played again after two years. The title was again listed for sales, for now only in the company’s own online and virtual store.

The PC game in the single and standard version costs US $ 16.99 (about R $ 95 in direct and current currency conversion), but it is also sold in the following ways:

Game and Original Soundtrack – $ 22.98
Full Edition (Detention + Devotion) and original soundtracks – $ 33.57

It is possible to make purchases on the site using an international credit card, but some Brazilian users are reporting problems closing the order at the time of publishing this article.

The game Detention, which comes with the full version, was the company’s first title and is set in Taiwan in the 1960s, a period of political repression and uprisings in the region.

Remember the case

Originally released in February 2019, Devotion is the second title from Red Candle Games. The story of psychological horror and first-person camera is also set in Taiwan, the developers’ birthplace, with elements of the region’s culture and political context now in the 1980s. The plot shows the anguish and hauntings that involve a family composed three people, parents and an aspiring child to be a children’s singer.

Praised for the atmosphere, the title was removed from all sales platforms after an Easter egg in the game’s decoration was discovered: it was an inscription with a joke related to the President of China, Xi Jinping, who has the appearance compared by opponents of the character Winnie the Pooh.

Red Candle apologized for the incident, removed the game from Steam and removed the message, but that was not enough to prevent the license from the game’s publisher, Indievent, from being canceled by the Chinese government.

Only in December 2020 would the title be marketed again, now through the GOG platform. However, shortly after the announcement, the company reversed the decision and canceled the title’s arrival at the store.


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