Result of the United States Elections in Nevada


In one of the key states, the state of Nevada, there is still no result in the 2020 US Elections. At the moment 86% of the votes have been counted. According to the polls, the winner would be Joe Biden. We see how the cast goes.

Nevada has been a Democrat in five of the last presidential elections to the White House. It is considered to be one of the key states in the 2020 United States elections. With 86% of the votes counted, the forces between the Democratic and Republican candidates are very even.

How’s the scrutiny going in Nevada?

The data of the count already reaches 86% that is distributed almost in half for Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The Democratic candidate accumulates 588,252 votes, which represents 49.3% of the total. In the case of the Republican candidate, he adds 580,605 ballots and reaches 48.7% of the votes.

The two major parties have territories that are traditionally dyed Republican red or Democratic blue. In others the electorate is more variable and ends up deciding the results. They are known as ‘swing states’ or ‘hinge states’.

According to the particular electoral system of the United States, the election of the president is not direct. The representatives in the Electoral College are the ones who elect the president of the United States. Each state has a number of representatives based on its population. In all but Nebraska and Maine, the winner gets all the votes.

Nevada Results Schedule

The polls in Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, part of Oregon and Utah have closed at 4:00 a.m. Spanish time. Knowing the results is complicated, the more adjusted the more difficult it is to know the final data.

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