Restriction On Bitcoin Messages in Craig Wright Case


In the Craig Wright case, it was announced that a restriction order was introduced on some Bitcoin messages on the grounds that it could create bias. It was stated that the purpose of the ban was to prevent the jury from making bias and making the wrong decision.

Claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright took action for Bitcoin messages that could lead to bias against him and declared that he did not want them to be read before the jury. According to Decrypt’s report, the court welcomed Wright’s request and accepted it. In the Craig Wright case, which included Bitcoin writer Andreas Antonopoulos, 145 messages that were approved and signed by various blockchain addresses during Antonopoulos’ case were prevented from being read.

What was said in the messages?

In May 2020, 145 blockchain addresses had posted a message that Craig Wright was not Satoshi Nakamoto. The following statements were used at the end of the published message:

“Craig Wright is a liar and a crook. He does not have the keys to sign this message. We are all Satoshi! ”

Craig claimed that the keys in question were kept in a safe place, and that a mysterious person had to decipher these addresses. But Wright’s claims were fruitless, and he had to admit he had no access to these keys. With a new decision, the court restricted the reading of the messages in these addresses.

In the court statement, it was stated that reading e-mails or various posts about Satoshi Nakamoto did not fully reflect an opinion, so the jury would not read such messages. In addition, it was stated that the messages coming from many addresses that are attacking to Craig Wright and whose identity cannot be verified will be restricted on the grounds that they do not comply with the court requirements.


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