Restricting the Use of Zoom in Singapore


The Singapore Ministry of Education has decided to prevent teachers from across the country from using the Zoom application.

Security Violation
As in many other countries, teachers in Singapore used the Zoom app to provide distance learning to students. However, the Ministry of Education of Singapore no longer wants teachers to use Zoom.

According to the Reuters report, the Ministry of Education has decided to restrict the use of the application after complaints about Zoom. Apparently these complaints were largely about security vulnerabilities.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Education, students faced “inappropriate images” in some courses. This is thought to be entirely due to a vulnerability in the Zoom application.

Zoom’s in trouble
Companies like Tesla, Google recently decided to either restrict the use of Zoom or stop it altogether. These companies, like the Singapore Education Ministry, are worried about practical vulnerabilities.

A law firm in the US recently filed a mass action against Zoom. The firm’s claim that the company has been aware of these vulnerabilities for a long time but has not informed people about it.

In our country, the Ministry of National Education has made a statement on the subject and suggested to students to follow the courses only through EbaTV, and advised to avoid using Zoom whenever possible.


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