Restricted message delivery in Facebook Messenger


Facebook long ago announced its willingness to unify its messaging platforms. Although the company has not yet fully realized this goal, it attaches importance to offering common ground in its platforms. The social media giant, which restricted message delivery on WhatsApp this year, has now taken a similar step for Facebook Messenger.

Messages that are transmitted today can accelerate the spread of false information, just like the e-mail chains of the past. When people share the messages they receive without analyzing and checking their accuracy, it can cause great harm, especially in sensitive times. After a while, misinformation is completely cut off from their sources and reaches a wide audience.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, misinformation sharing on WhatsApp also increased. Facebook, which wanted to prevent the spread of false information about the epidemic, also allowed the transmission of a message on WhatsApp to only one person or group at a time.

At the center of the decision taken for Messenger is the presidential election to be held in the US next November. Facebook, which has been criticized harshly in the past for allowing manipulation during the election period, has already taken action in order not to face similar accusations in the next election.

Now, a message sent on Facebook Messenger can be forwarded to up to 5 people or groups at the same time. Facebook, which implements a looser restriction compared to WhatsApp, has not announced any other restrictions.

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