Restricted Add-On Support Will Be Found in New Version of Mozilla Firefox


According to the news, a feature that plays an important role in choosing Firefox will not be in the new period. Mozilla seems to limit the plugins in the new version.

One of the most ambitious companies in eliminating the undisputed domination of Google and Chrome in the browser market is Mozilla and its browser Firefox. Firefox will be revamped soon.

A significant number of internet users are almost looking forward to the return of Firefox, but unfortunately negative news came about the browser before it became stable. The number of add-ons will be limited in the new browser.

Unlimited plug-in period ends in Firefox:
Until now, the plugin variety and freedom were among the features that attracted Firefox users the most. When the application is rewritten and released, the new browser will only allow the use of plugins in the recommended plugin program.

According to Android Police, the latest adjustments are now being made for Firefox. The open source browser is expected to be available in the spring. As this date approaches, Firefox news is increasing.

Firefox will first appear with about 100 add-ons. Not all of these add-ons will be installed in the browser, users will choose to install them by themselves. Few add-ons from the current application will also be moved to the new version.

Mozilla has no plans for older plugins:
Mozilla says there is no plan for older plugins yet or for the integration of older plugins. However, this does not mean that these doors are completely closed. According to the statement from Firefox, the company will expand its support in the future to include other add-ons.

According to the statement from Mozilla, the plug-ins moved to the new version; There will be popular plugins such as Privacy Badger, NoScript, Facebook Container, LastPass, HTTPS Everywhere. In addition to the program, there will be 90 different add-ons.

People who are currently using Firefox Preview Nightly will also be migrated to Firefox Preview because their old apps will now be outdated. Firefox Preview will also be migrated to Firefox Beta for Android during the week of February 17.


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