Restored an iconic place for Superman


The Smallville adaptation made many changes to Superman, but its granular approach allowed it to focus on various aspects of Superman’s story, including dedicating entire episodes to his abilities or characters.

At the beginning of Smallville, Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) weren’t in love, instead they fought and fought with each other. Their relationship was a far cry from Clark’s teenage romance with Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk).

However, this was one of the ways Smallville played up the expectations of its source material, building an organic and satisfying relationship between Lois and Clark throughout their seasons.

Lois’ romantic feelings for Clark only began to blossom in season 8. This relationship then became the focus of later Smallville seasons, with the iconic Superman phone booth being used to facilitate it.

Introduced in the 1941 animated short, The Mechanical Monsters, the phone booth is the classic place where Clark Kent becomes Superman. Even though Clark didn’t get the costume from him until the end of the series, Smallville still makes a reference.

In the episode, Exile, from season 3, a Clark infected with red kryptonite stumbles upon a phone booth before ripping his shirt off, revealing the flame marks on his chest. Clark would also use it to change out of normal clothes in Smallville.

Lois also used the phone booth to communicate with The Blur although of course, Lois was unaware of Clark’s secret alter-ego and became entangled in a love triangle with Clark and The Blur, not realizing that they were the same person on Smallville.

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Thus, in Smallville, the phone booth became not only a literal locker room for Clark, but also a liminal space that allowed him to reconcile the two sides of him with Lois, even if she didn’t know it, reconfiguring it as a point. support each other.


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