A Restaurant Sentenced ‘Employment’ to Its Employees Who Considered Insufficient Performance


A restaurant management in China has hired its employees on the grounds that they could not meet the target. The strange picture that appeared at the restaurant’s year-end dinner went viral through social media platforms.

China, the world’s most populous country, is often the subject of our news with technological developments. This time, a “punishment ceremony” in China has occupied the agenda. The events of a restaurant company at the end of the year caused many people to react.

When a restaurant management in China failed to meet its target for 2019, it decided to recruit its employees. According to the statements made by the restaurant management, the punishment given to the employees was requested by them personally. In other words, the management did not want to punish such a punishment, but the fact that the employees voluntarily claimed that this incident, which was on the agenda of the social media, became viral.

In the video shared on the internet, it can be clearly seen that some employees were on the red carpet while some managers were on the stage at the time. Moreover, as the employees retire on the red carpet, “I swear, I am responsible.” they are throwing away. “They asked for themselves” statements about the mind-blowing video did not satisfy many internet users.

Social media users, who coincided with the video crafted by restaurant staff, criticized this situation with heavy sentences. Some; Employees said they were forced to do this because they had families to look after, while others called it “the dark side of humanity.” According to some internet users, this was only due to capitalism.

Here are those strange moments that went viral on social media

In fact, this is not the first time in China. People who have been aware of the fact that a company has been hiring its employees on the road in the previous periods are as confident that this is done by the restaurant management. At the time, a similar claim was made and it was stated that the company was not able to reach a target, but these claims were denied and it was stated that the situation was made for advertisement.


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