Restarting your ACNH island? We have design ideas for you


Many Animal Crossing Players: New Horizons, especially those who have had the game since its release more than two years ago, are already planning to restart the game and, consequently, their island. There is a lot to consider when restarting, especially which theme the player plans to use. The island theme can form the starting island desired by the players, the villagers, and even the name of the island. While the island themes can be easily changed with cosmetic repairs, the name of the player’s island remains forever unless he plans to restart again.

Many players are familiar with typical Animal Crossing cores: New Horizons and use them for their themes (for example, cottage core, fairy core, etc.), but with so many different items, players have plenty of opportunities to make their island something special. and unique. Players have enough space on their island to explore different ideas, and when terraforming is unlocked in ACNH, even more features will be available. Players with an extension Happy Home Paradise may even end up customizing their residents’ homes, which can also be useful when decorating their island.

With so many different options when it comes to restarting Animal Crossing Island: New Horizons, players may be stunned. Starting with a clean slate can be refreshing and evokes creativity, but sometimes players also need inspiration in design. Restarting can rekindle players’ interest in the game and is a great way to explore the island’s new features.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Islands Could Become Medieval

With the 2.0 update and the addition of DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons featured a variety of castle-themed items. Previously, players used random materials to create castles, but with the addition of these items, building a castle has become easier than ever. However, instead of stopping only at the castle, players can decorate their entire island in a medieval theme.

By combining handmade items with a “Medieval Building” and a “Castle” collection, you can create an entire island that goes back in time. Some villagers, such as Sterling and Knox, are even already dressed for the role. Able’s even offers a wide selection of clothing that will perfectly match this theme, including armor and royal crowns.

Animal Crossing Islands can take the city center to a new level

With the addition of a large number of new urban-themed items in the Animal Crossing 2.0 update: New Horizons many players are urbanizing their islands, which can turn into an exciting Animal Crossing game with an urban theme. Some players, such as YouTuber Ninili, have worked on this topic. One of the previous buildings of Ninili Island (she did a lot) is an abandoned city. She created an old factory, an abandoned train station and even an abandoned airport runway. Exploring this island is a completely different experience than most ordinary urban islands, with attention to detail in every corner. For those players who like urban-themed items, but who don’t want something too urban, an overgrown or abandoned city may become the theme they are looking for.

ACNH players can use seasonal items to their advantage

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a variety of seasonal items for various holidays, including Rabbit Day, Toy Day, Halloween, and even Thanksgiving. Many residents of Animal Crossing village also correspond to seasonal themes. Players who like a certain time of the year can create their own island according to their favorite season and holiday. Another island of YouTuber Ninili, Oatmeal, is a real winter wonderland. Festive trees, mountainous terrain and even ski trails adorn the island in all its snowy glory.

Players also used many in-game items to create a more creepy island design. Thanks to Halloween items, the “Western Stone” and new rotten trees, players can instantly create a haunted cemetery on their island. They can even include the mummy-like Lucky as a permanent resident of their Animal Crossing island.

Games and Movies can Inspire Animal Crossing: New Horizons Islands

Many Animal Crossing Players: New Horizons finds inspiration in their other favorite games. Some players have themes related to different cities from Pokémon games, Stardew Valley or even Animal Crossing Islands with the Legend of Zelda design. With the addition of Mario items in the early update, the Mario themed island will also be a simple addition. Finding inspiration in another game is a great and unique way to create a theme for Animal Crossing Island.

Players can also draw inspiration from their favorite movies and TV shows. Players have created islands based on “Harry Potter” and “Twilight”, and there are even islands in the style of “Jurassic Park” Animal Crossing. Some islands have subtle hints of the player’s favorites, while others cover the entire island.