Respawn, Creators of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Work On A New Single-Player Game


Respawn: Developer studio Respawn Entertainment is looking for staff to tackle a new project focused on the single-player experience. Respawn Entertainment, the development team behind the successful Titanfall 2 or, more recently, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (in addition to the battle royale Apex Legends), are working on a new single-player video game. This is clear from a publication on social networks and from several job offers on their official website, where the professional profiles they need to face this new stage in which they want to develop a new single player experience are detailed.

New single player project

And it is that the creative director of the studio, Mohammed Alavi, has published a tweet on his official Twitter account in which he details the jobs requested, as well as the following message: “We are developing a new adventure for a Respawn Entertainment player . We are a small but ambitious team with a big and famous dream story. Come work with us ”, Alavi has written.

In addition, on the official website of Respawn it is detailed that “this new title for a player is a designer’s dream playground, with the freedom to innovate that is possible thanks to his unique universe.” For now, it is unknown what this next Respawn Entertainment title is about, although if we take into account the successes achieved with their latest works focused on a proposal for a player, the expectations cannot be higher.

Since 2019, Respawn Entertainment has focused its efforts on Apex Legends, its successful battle royale proposal together with Electronic Arts that continues to reap good numbers of active players and maintains a high rate of news throughout its different seasons. We will see to what extent they are capable of carrying out two projects at the same time, one for a player and the current multiplayer battle royale.


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