Respawn confirms it’s making a new single player game


Respawn Entertainment has announced the opening of four new job openings at the developer, thereby confirming that it is working on a new single player adventure game. The information came from the company’s own creative director, who posted on his Twitter the links to the vacancies and confirmation that we have an unprecedented game on the way:

As the developer is still hiring talent to develop the title, it’s safe to risk that it’s still a long time before we see any official information about it. A leak from January this year pointed out that Respawn would be working on a new IP for EA, so we may be talking about the same title, but there are no confirmations for that yet.

We can only speculate about the game on top of job descriptions for each vacancy. In all cases, the freedom that creators will have to work on new ideas and concepts, with a focus on fun for the player as the main objective, is widely commented on. “This new single player title is a designer’s dream playground, with a freedom to innovate made possible by the unique universe where the game takes place” – says the job description for game designer.

It also talks about strategic encounters with enemies, weapon and skill creation, and progression through gameplay. These are features that seem to indicate an open world experience, or at least in expansive and diverse settings, like what happens in Jedi Fallen Order.


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