Resigning before NASA’s important launch


NASA came up with news of resignation. For the first time after a long break, a surprising resignation came before the astronaut was sent from the USA to the International Space Station. It unexpectedly came up with the launch of NASA.

The resignation did not go unnoticed that the astronaut was sent to the space station from the USA for the first time in 10 years. During this time, US astronauts were sent to space from other countries.

NASA shaken by resignation
Douglas Loverro, Director of the Human Aviation and Operations of the US Aviation and Space Administration (NASA), has resigned. This resignation occurred just before SpaceX was sent to the astronauts from the USA. May 27 astronauts will sail to the space station.

It is claimed that the decision to resign was made in oppression. The name, who resigned in the US press, is said to have been forced to resign as he had a dispute with NASA Director Jim Bridenstine.

Ken Bowersox, the deputy of the vacant mission from Loverro, will act.

The Crew Dragon capsule will be launched at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with the Falcon 9 rocket. This launch has a special meaning. Because SpaceX will be used for the first time in a manned campaign. In addition, after the end of the Shuttle program in 2011, it will be the first manned space expedition made by the USA itself.

Currently, 1 U.S. astronaut and 2 Russian cosmonauts are on duty at the space station. These three names were sent from the world on April 9. NASA was not involved in the launching mission, and three names set out with the Soyuz capsule.


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