Resident Evil Will Have Umbrella-Inspired Watch Lineup


The Resident Evil series has several collectibles officially available, and expanding this relationship we will have an item that is the result of a partnership between Capcom and MTM Watch: a themed watch with the Umbrella logo.

According to the data released, there will be two models (Red Umbrella and Blue Umbrella) offered for US$ 567 individually (without additional fees or taxes, around R$ 3,132) or together with the two for US$ 1,048 (approximately R$ $5,783). Interested parties can now make advance purchases on this site, and shipments are planned for February 2022.

An important detail is that as these watches commemorate the 25 years of the series, they will all feature a special anniversary logo, as well as come in a special box to embellish collectors’ shelves.


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