Resident Evil Village Would Have More Enemies Originally


Resident Evil Village brings a campaign in which at certain times we are forced to face small groups of enemies. However, the truth is that, initially, these groups would be much larger.

In a behind-the-scenes video of the game’s production, it was revealed that the first builds of the title featured a much larger group of enemies per section, but this choice ended up generating discussions between the development team and the quality sector.

“I remember that there was a very negative reaction, and the game’s content turned out to be something completely different from what the development team remembered doing,” commented Shutaro Kobayashi, Capcom’s Quality Manager.

Survival more to the letter

According to the feedback collected by the quality sector, the large numbers of enemies and the game’s low ammunition were criticized, causing the group responsible for the first tests to classify the fighting as “uninteresting, frustrating and boring”. This caused the team to change even their initial idea, changing the idea of ​​”a fight for survival” to “make room for them”.

“In the end, we realized that instead of making players scared by simply putting more aggressive monsters in the way it was better to make them more paranoid thinking about when they would be attacked, or even about who the next opponent would be. So, when an enemy appears, it is relentless ”, revealed director Morimasa Sato.

Can you imagine what the latest game in the Capcom franchise would look like with more enemies? Do you think that would have made the game better or worse? Leave your message in the space below for comments.

Resident Evil Village is available in both console and PC versions, and you can check the opinion of the Voxel team by clicking here.


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