Resident Evil: Village Won’t Be As Scary as RE7


Resident Evil: Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda commented in an interview with Axios Gaming journalists that Capcom’s eighth game will put a little bit of a brake on terror after many players report that Resident Evil 7 was too scary, factor that generated a lot of abandonment in concluding the story or being interested in the game.

According to the developer, “the aim is not to create [a game] more frightening than the previous one, but to find the balance to deliver a terrifying but fun experience to the players”. Therefore, the intention is that Resident Evil: Village is a little more moderate in this regard and does not bring constant terror during the experience – something that, in practice, does not imply the removal of the element of suspense, but a greater distribution among other moments.

Kanda commented that, although there were negative reports about the terror in excess of the seventh title, the team was flattered. “In a way, that was exactly what we were looking for, so it is a great compliment for us,” added the producer.

Resident Evil: Village will have more open spaces

Whoever zeroed Resident Evil 7 knows how claustrophobic the campaign can be, always packed with tight spaces and small rooms. Instead of continuing the theme, the development team opted to bring wider spaces, but with creatures that can hide behind trees and huts, balancing the feeling of security with hints of terror. This was even one of the points mentioned in the Voxel preview of Resident Evil: Village.

Kanda revealed that the team is also keeping an eye on the “tension curve” to prevent moments of terror from becoming trivialized if they are frequently exposed to the player. “These moments of relief serve as a breather to ensure that people are not indifferent to the horror,” said the developer. He even revealed that the existence of the save rooms serves precisely to relax the experience a little.

Resident Evil: Village will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC on April 7 (Friday). So, excited to take a few scares in the game?


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