Resident Evil: Village Wins Puppet Show in Japan


Resident Evil: Village, Capcom has found a very peculiar way to promote the release of Resident Evil: Village in Japan: to carry out a propaganda with puppets of the main villains present in the new game.

The advertisement in question is just over three minutes and features dolls of Lady Dimitrescu, Heisenberg, Moreau and Angie picking and interacting with each other in a very different way than we will see in the new adventure – and even saying that the village where the game takes place it is as scary as many imagine.

Check out the show below:

It is worth mentioning that the second episode of this sequence of commercials will be released on May 7, the date on which Resident Evil: Village will officially hit stores in versions for Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S .


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