Resident Evil Village will have demo focusing on gameplay


Capcom has explained that the PS Store demo has been released as a surprise to gamers, although it has been intended as a kind of technical demo.

The news about Capcom’s horror saga have been uncovered through a live broadcast in which Resident Evil Village, the eighth main installment of the series, has not been missing. One of the surprises that have been revealed is The Maiden, the demo that PlayStation 5 users can now download on the PS Store completely free of charge. Although this first demo is focused on the most visual aspect, everything seems to indicate that the Japanese are preparing a new one for the future, yes, this time with more gameplay content.

They have hinted at the official Twitter account of the Capcom studio, where they have reproduced a message from the development team: “We have created the Maiden demo as a surprise for PS5 players,” they say. The intention was to show how far they could “push” the console hardware to its limits. “That’s why we added ‘Visual Demo’ to the title.” They have then referred to the next demo. “For all of you who are expecting a more substantial gameplay demo … please stay tuned!

Ethan, protagonist again

Resident Evil Village follows in the footsteps of Ethan, the protagonist of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. After his ordeal at the Baker mansion, the survivor will continue to fight dark forces. This time he will arrive in a mysterious town full of dangers. Among the sturdy layers of snow, new monsters lurk in the dark. Will he make it out unscathed or will he fall into his own pool of blood?

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The game was originally announced for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, although during the Tokyo Game Show they already hinted that their intention was to launch it on previous generation platforms as well. This was partially confirmed in a leak, but it became official during the recent streaming. It will be from May 7 when players can experience all its mysteries.


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