Resident Evil Village will be 50 GB on Xbox


Microsoft revealed this week that Resident Evil Village will occupy 50.02 GB on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S storage. The game page was recently updated with this new information.

The basic version of the title will already come with Resident Evil Re: Verse, whose size will be 15 GB (totaling 50 GB if both are installed). This will be an online mode that will feature several characters from the franchise such as Leon, Claire, Nemesis, Jack Backer and Ada Wong.

The game is pre-ordered on the Xbox Store for R $ 249. Along with the game and the multiplayer mode, buyers will receive a Mr. Raccoon weapon amulet and a survival resource pack.

Resident Evil Village arrives on May 7 this year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC. Are you excited for the launch? Tell us about your expectations in the comments box below!


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