Resident Evil: Village Was Already in Production Before RE7 Came Out


Resident Evil: Village, In an interview with IGN, Morimasa Sato, director of Resident Evil: Village, revealed that the new game was already in development six months before Resident Evil 7 hit stores.

“We were still busy working on Resident Evil 7, but my boss asked me to start planning the new game in the series. At the time, we had no idea how the players would react to the new horror experience we were bringing and even the new characters, ”commented Sato during the chat.

Another thing he commented on during the conversation is the fact that at the time the team did not have much idea if the eighth canonical game in the series would end up becoming a sequel, given that the seventh episode had not yet hit stores.

“We had no idea how the change in perspective would be received, so at first we were a little concerned. But then we released Resident Evil 7 about six months after the start of work on Village started, and we saw that it was well received. This helped to decide to make Village a direct sequence ”, concluded the director.

Resident Evil: Village will be released on May 7 for consoles and PC. Are you looking forward to checking out the game? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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