Resident Evil: Village Shines in Terror, but Little Explores Its Potential

Resident Evil: Village In a year in which practically everything has been postponed, creating a huge vacuum to be filled in any major release, Resident Evil: Village is a tip of hope for fans of the franchise and players eager for a major title to compose the library. But can Capcom’s eighth game in the horror franchise “put on those shoes” and fill that void?

After just over 9 hours of gambling, Village managed to entertain, frighten and amuse us for the short time of the campaign, bringing many unexpected positive points, but also some underused elements.

A quick warning before starting: the review meets all Capcom embargo requirements, but there are unpublished scenes that may be considered spoilers by some. Check out the full review!

Terror and action mixed in the right dose the way we want

Since the announcement, Resident Evil: Village has not hidden its inspirations: a mix of Resident Evil 4, with the theme of an outsider in a village hidden in the back of Europe, and Resident Evil 7, with absolute first person terror filled with claustrophobic panic.

The Gothic theme, à la Bloodborne, in a daytime terror are very strong positive points of the game, which manages to frighten and create tension in any environment that is presented to the player. Lycans and ghouls haunt the village and surrounding area, which can generate a good deal of fright and continuous tension.



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