Resident Evil Village Sets Concurrent Player Record


Resident Evil Village came out last week. Capcom, the developer of the popular horror game series Resident Evil, released the highly anticipated new game Resident Evil Village last week. The company, which received heavy criticism with the Residen Evil 3 Remake, which was released last year, finally regained the hearts of game lovers.

Resident Evil Village, which has won the appreciation of both players and critics, has managed to break the simultaneous player record on Steam.

Resident Evil 3 saw 100,000 players simultaneously

According to the report of SteamDB, the game, which was released on May 7, had a great success on the day it was released. Resident Evil Village, which saw 101,726 players simultaneously in Setam, broke an important record for Capcom. This number, which was quite high compared to previous productions, managed to become the new record within the company.

For example, the previous owner of the record, Residen Evil 2 Remake, had a maximum of 74,227 players simultaneously. Resident Evil 3 Remake, one of the other games of the series, saw 60,293 players and Resident Evil 7 saw 20,499 players. These numbers may sound quite low compared to online games. However, it is very important compared to other competitors that are story games.

Resident Evil Village, which not only plays but also has plenty of viewers, has reached a considerable audience on broadcast platforms. The day the popular horror game was released, 658,703 people watched it on Twitch. Although this number decreased significantly later, 275 thousand viewers still prefer to watch the broadcasters playing Resident Evil.


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