Resident Evil Village Sets A Record


Resident Evil Village DLC is in development. Village, the latest game in the Resident Evil series, has sold 4.5 million copies. If the Resident Evil Village continues at this rate, it could break the record.

Resident Evil Village, the last link of the popular horror game series Resident Evil, has achieved a new success. The game succeeded in selling 4.5 million copies.

Resident Evil Village continues to have huge sales figures. Capcom has announced that the popular horror game has sold more than 4.5 million copies worldwide.

DLC in development for Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, which sold 3 million copies at the launch in May, had sold 4 million copies by the end of the month. The new sales figure announced for the Village is also prominently displayed on the game’s website.

On the other hand, Capcom announced that a DLC will be coming to Resident Evil Village at the E3 2021 event. Although it is not known exactly what the DLC contains, Capcom stated, “By popular demand, additional DLC for Resident Evil Village has begun to be developed”.

In addition to the upcoming DLC, Capcom has confirmed that Re:Verse, a competitive multiplayer game, will launch in July. Re:Verse, which will be the second multiplayer mode of the legendary series, will resemble Resistance in the 3rd game and where four people come together.

Resident Evil 5 seems to be the best-selling game of the famous horror series. The 2009 game, which has a chaotic atmosphere like every game, sold 13.4 million copies. Looking at the numbers that Resident Evil Village has captured, it is estimated that he will take the title.

It is also a matter of curiosity how the upcoming expansion pack and multiplayer mode for Resident Evil Village will have a sales effect.


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