Resident Evil Village presents its special editions


These are the versions that we can buy of the game and everything that they bring. The title has already shown its first gameplay.

Resident Evil Village has announced today its release date, scheduled for May 7, as well as other important news, such as the demo that will arrive on PS5 in the next few hours or the departure of the game on PS4 and Xbox One. But Beyond this, during the Show of the new Capcom game, the editions that can be purchased of the title have also been shown, in addition to the standard. Next we are going to detail all the editions that the game will have.

Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition trauma Pack

The first is the Deluxe Digital edition, which will be available on all platforms and comes with a Resident Evil 7 filter, a save system, a new difficulty, an item called Mr Everywhere and a weapon called Albert01 Chris. Many of these objects are inspired and come straight from the previous numbered delivery. There is also an extra called “the Ethan Winters tragedy”, but no details were given during the presentation.

This is the Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil Village

The second edition that has been shown to us is the Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil Village, which brings everything that we have detailed from the Deluxe Digital edition, but which adds several extras in physical format such as a figure of Chris Redfield, a metal box, a poster, an art book and a box.

Resident Evil 7 and 8 Pack

In addition, Capcom has also announced that they will offer a Complete Bundle that adds Resident Evil Village and the complete edition of Resident Evil 7 in a single compendium so that those who do not know Ethan’s story can get in the background and enjoy the two main Resident Evil developed in first person.

It should be noted that reserving any of these editions we will also have some extras such as a Mr Racoon fiture and a survival pack with ammunition, a healing bottle and a pick. In the case of PS5, those who pre-order the game will get an exclusive mini-soundtrack of Village.


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