Resident Evil Village: Performance Issues Are From Anti-Piracy Software


Resident Evil Village: Yesterday (13), Voxel addressed the claims of the piracy group EMPRESS, which claimed that the removal of Digital Rights Management (DRM) solved the performance issues in Resident Evil Village for PC. And today, Digital Foundry released a technical review video of the game on its YouTube channel, proving that the solution really works. Check it out below:

It is noteworthy that Digital Foundry specializes in analyzing game technologies and hardware through the use of custom tools, and had to use a pirated version of the game to perform the test, because at the moment, there is no legal form of the PC title without DRM.

As we can see in the video, the absence of the software removes any sttutering (gaps in performance) during the death of enemies, in Alpha effects (transparency, as in the insects of Dimitrescu’s daughters) and in changing scenarios. In the channel’s performance graph you can see gigantic spikes in the time of milliseconds of rendering frames at these moments.

Some of them, like enemy animation, are less noticeable. In others, such as the appearance of vampires, performance can drop to below 20 fps even on an RTX 3080 (which runs, on average, at 120 fps or more). For the remainder of the adventure, removing the anti-piracy software brings an almost invisible performance improvement.

Even though these moments aren’t constant during the Resident Evil Village campaign, but they are there (and are solely due to the DRM). This has rekindled the debate over using Denuvo and other heavy-duty programs to prevent PC piracy: while necessary, their use causes problems for consumers.

So what can I do to improve the PC version?

Digital Foundry (like Voxel) doesn’t encourage any kind of piracy, but the situation of consumers having worse experiences than people who didn’t pay for Resident Evil Village on the PC persists. To solve one of the problems, the channel recommended the mod REFramework, which seems to solve at least some technical obstacles.

Now it will have to wait and see if Capcom will comment on this issue.


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