Resident Evil Village: novo gameplay mostra sistema de upgrades


Resident Evil Village will be released in May, but a new video published by Game Informer has already revealed how the game’s upgrade system will work. Players will be able to improve not only weapons, but also skills of the protagonist Ethan.

The big news that we will have in the system of improvements of the game is a system of hunting and recipes. The player can find animals around the village and must kill them to get meat and other ingredients.

With the items in hand, you can create dishes in a place called Duke’s Kitchen. Each recipe brings temporary or permanent improvements to Ethan, guaranteeing benefits that can make a difference in more complex clashes.

Resident Evil 4 style case

In addition to allowing you to hone Ethan’s skills, Resident Evil: Village will also feature a weapon evolution system. The inventory also adopts a very familiar design: the equipment will be loaded in a suitcase similar to the one we have in Resident Evil 4.

While the inventory is similar, the upgrade system follows a different premise than other games. The player will find coins called Laws, which appear when killing enemies and can be traded with Duke, the merchant.

In addition to obtaining coins by defeating enemies, the player will also find treasures in the village, such as gems. The content can be sold to Duke for large sums of money from Resident Evil Village.

Enhancing weapons

The coin will be used to purchase recovery items and upgrade weapons in the merchant’s wagon. The player will be able to purchase ammunition recipes and accessories to improve his arsenal.

In addition, each weapon will also have its own attributes, such as power, range and reload speed. The player will be able to acquire the improvements from the merchant, who also charges in Laws to make the improvements.

Resident Evil: Village will be released on May 7 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. More news about the game will arrive today (15): Capcom will hold a new presentation focused on the game at 6:30 pm and you can follow it live here at Voxel.

While the news doesn’t arrive, check out a new gameplay from Resident Evil: Village showing clashes against werewolves.