Resident Evil Village: Modders swap baby Rose for mini Chris Redfield


Residen Evil Village: Scarier than anything in the game, Resident Evil Village won a mod in which a miniature version of Chris Redfield is put in place of Rose, baby of Mia and Ethan.

The mod is available for download on the NexusMods website, earned the name Mini Me Chris and was made available by JTeghius Kittius on May 8, just one day after the game’s release.

In the description, the author comments that this idea came to mind while playing and that he could not help doing it. He comments that baby Chris’ facial animations work, that some can get a little weird, but jokes that they are worth the 10-second joke.

With the successes on sale, even this bizarre mod from Resident Evil Village can stand out. Capcom’s title peaked at 101,726 players during the first 24 hours of its launch. This is the best performance of the franchise since Resident Evil 2 Remake, which scored 74,277 players, followed by Resident Evil 3 Remake with 60,293.

These data are from Steamdb and can be checked by accessing the website and using the search tool.

Here at Voxel, the game received 85 in its score, as “a game that shines in terror, but that little explores its potential”. Check out the full analysis.


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