Resident Evil Village: mod turns monsters into Barney

Resident Evil Village hasn’t even been released yet and already has mods to make your gameplay more bizarre. Recently, a demo of the game was made available on PC through Steam and allowed fans of the franchise to explore the village and castle where much of the title takes place.

Of course, this alone has left many players with a more creative mind, even going so far as to create a mod that replaces the monsters of the work by our old known dinosaur Barney. The idea may seem funny at first, but the purple animal that cheered some children on TV may even end up being more frightening than some of the enemies in Resident Evil Village.

After all, we are already more than used to monsters similar to those we found in Lady Dimitrescu’s mansion, but a cartoon character chasing you with a machete ends up being much more bizarre and even terrifying. The problem is that this modification of the game cannot be taken advantage of by anyone.

If you are really interested in the mod, it is worth saying that it is only available to subscribers of Patreon from its creator, known as Marcos RC on YouTube and Twitter. Unfortunately, putting a more terrible enemy than the Resident Evil 4 Regenerator in the game doesn’t come cheap! At least we were happy that he didn’t make a mod replacing these monsters with Fof√£o, which would be even more disturbing.

If you’re looking forward to relying no more on game demos, remember that Resident Evil Village will be released on PC and consoles later this week, on May 7th.



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