Resident Evil: Village Has Sold Over 3 Million Copies


Resident Evil: Village hit stores last Friday (7) and is already proving profitable for Capcom. According to a statement made by the company, the title has already surpassed the mark of three million units sold.

“The game was built with the RE Engine, which is owned by Capcom, and maximizes the potential of the new generation by bringing incredible, photorealistic visuals while using cutting-edge audio technology. This, together with waiting for an immersive experience for fans after the demo’s release, resulted in a global sales number of over three million copies ”, revealed the producer.

In addition, the producer also revealed that it is committed to creating fun experiences involving the series for the public, and among some of these measures is the launch of the animation Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which will be available on Netflix.

Resident Evil: Village is available in PC and console versions, and you can check the opinion of the Voxel team by clicking here.


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