Resident Evil: Village gets trailer with details of the story and enemies


Resident Evil: Village, During today’s Resident Evil Showcase (15), Capcom unveiled a new trailer for Resident Evil: Village, showing more of Ethan Winters’ campaign in the game’s icy village. Among the novelties, we see the problems that the protagonist going through trouble, such as being captured by the villain Heisenberg, new enemies and much more.

At a certain point, we see that Ethan is captured and that there are several NPCs in the village who are also in trouble with the “werewolf enemies”, saying that “Mother Miranda has always protected us”, implying that we can see more human interactions in the campaign and that the village is not against the character.

According to Capcom’s description: “new scenes offer a glimpse of an immense underground factory possibly used for the production of humanoid creatures, as well as a vast artificial lake that houses what appears to be a colossal water monster. The mysterious man who appeared in the Resident January’s Evil Showcase revealed to be Heisenberg, certainly another formidable opponent in the path of protagonist Ethan Winters in his search for the kidnapped daughter. Veteran Chris Redfield also makes an appearance with questionable motives, creating even more mystery about his role in the plot. ” Check out the new video for Resident Evil: Village:

At the end of the trailer, we again see Chris demonstrated as a possible villain, with the protagonist saying that he has already killed Mia and that he might as well kill him and end it all. Did Chris become a villain or is there a catch in the story?

Resident Evil: Village will arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC and will be dubbed in PT-BR for the first time in Brazil. In addition, Resident Evil Village will have new console demonstrations.


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