Resident Evil Village gets PS1-style nostalgic case


Resident Evil Village hits the market on May 7, but a Capcom employee is so anxious for the game’s release that he decided to make his own version of the game … based on the first PlayStation. Developer Stefano Stingra, who works in the Osaka, Japan studio, transformed the game’s physical media art into a PS1-era box.

The result of the work was published in Stefano’s profile on Twitter. “I couldn’t wait for release day, so I made my own version,” said the Capcom developer.

The “PS1 version” of Resident Evil Village features a box in the iconic square format used on the console’s physical media. The cover features the game’s logo and artwork showing Chris as human and werewolf, as well as references to Sony’s first video game.

On the rear, the box created by the developer of Capcom displays information about the game and brings an image of Lady Dimitrscu. In addition to appearing on the back cover of the item, the game villain became a darling of the franchise fans and is constantly the subject of cosplays and promotional materials for the game.

Re: Verse beta in April

While Resident Evil Village will only show up in May, fans will be able to play the game’s online mode soon. Capcom will conduct a beta test with Resident Evil Re: Verse next week.

The test will open and the download will be released on April 5, starting at 9:00 pm Brasília time. The Beta will start on the 8th, starting at 3am, and runs until Sunday, the 11th.

The test will be released for computers through Steam and can also be downloaded on consoles through PlayStation Store and the Xbox store. The version available on the consoles will be PS4 and Xbox One, but it should also work on PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S through backward compatibility.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7 on PC and consoles of the eighth and ninth generation. The game is currently on pre-order for R $ 180 on Steam and can be purchased on Xbox and PlayStation for around R $ 250, with a free upgrade for those who migrate to PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S.


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