Resident Evil Village ganha gameplay no PS4 Pro


Capcom released today (2) a new gameplay for Resident Evil Village showing five minutes of the game running on the PS4 Pro. The preview, which can be seen in full below, was released by IGN on YouTube with 4K resolution.

The highlight of the video is an excerpt of dialogue by the villainous Lady Dimitrescu, who has won the hearts of many fans since the game’s presentation. In addition to highlighting the character, the video also shows a sequence of gameplay inside the castle where part of the game takes place.

Lady Dimitrescu’s scene shows a telephone conversation between the villain and the character Mother Miranda. In addition to highlighting the character’s height, the video also shows the vampire’s fury after Ethan managed to escape.

The gameplay preview also shows the protagonist Ethan descending into a flooded part of the castle and facing off against enemies. In this excerpt, we can see interactions with the knife, which can be used to destroy objects, and shootings with a pistol and shotgun.

Although brief, the five-minute gameplay is the first preview we have of Resident Evil Village running on the eighth generation consoles. The game was first announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, but Capcom later confirmed the title’s arrival on Xbox One and PS4.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled for May 7 on PC and consoles of the eighth and ninth generation.