Resident Evil Village: Filmmaker Accuses Capcom of Plagiarism for Character Design


Resident Evil Village: Richard Raaphorst, director of the film Frankenstein’s Army (2013), said that Capcom has copied the design of some of its creatures that appear in its feature film. The studio responsible for Resident Evil Village would have copied the monsters without asking for permission or giving any credit.

The filmmaker made a publication on Linkedin sharing his disapproval and some images with the characters side by side. Also the streamer @CloneKorp shared the similarity on Twitter, marking Raaphorst and the official account of the games in the Resident Evil franchise.

One of these creatures, and the one that most shows similarity with the one in the movie mentioned above, has the upper part of its body occupied by a propeller engine. The most curious thing is that the concept of both characters includes catching fire when they are close to dying.

Following images shared by the streamer, Raaphorst says he was first angry, then he felt proud and lastly he was saddened by what he saw.

Frankenstein’s Army (2013) tells the story of Soviet troops invading Germany during World War II and finding undead mechanical soldiers created by a mad scientist descended from Victor Frankenstein.


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