Resident Evil Village: Fans Put Lady Dimitrescu to Dance


Resident Evil Village: Long before its release, Resident Evil Village was already drawing people’s attention, some fascinated by the terror that the game would bring and others for more lustful reasons. After all, a lot of people just fell in love with the villainous Lady Dimistrescu, who has appeared a lot in demos and in trailers for the title in recent months. This even led us to believe that it would be a very important part of the game, something that did not materialize that much.

Although the character only made her appearance during the first part of Resident Evil Village, it did not discourage her most fervent fans, who started to create content dedicated to her. It is quite common to see mods and videos of people showing their experiences with Lady Dimitrescu, for example, but have you seen her dancing around?

If you look at it, it is quite possible that the image came from a Twitter account known as “Alcina Dimitrescu dancing to”, which consists only of posts by the villain doing a somewhat bizarre dance to the sound of several old and newer songs. In the case of the tweet above, we can see it Maneater by Nelly Furtado, a song more than appropriate for the woman who loves to devour men.

Of course, there are several other songs on the page, including those by artists and bands like Madonna, Metallica and Queen. The most impressive thing is that this funny little dance that she does is able to match absolutely all the songs presented on Twitter.

If you found the family dance, it is because it is the same as the movements that the character Kermit, the Sapo (formerly known as Caco in Brazil) of the Muppets does in the video above. Of course, we hope that this swing is the only thing the two have in common, since it would be even more disturbing to see Lady Dimitrescu’s fanarts with Kermit in her place.