Resident Evil Village debuts successfully on PS5 and PC


Resident Evil Village has become an absolute hit on PS5, at least in the UK. According to data from, 49% of the physical copies of the game sold in the region were destined for Sony’s new generation console.

With the positive numbers, the game became the third biggest release for PS5 in 2021 in the UK. The game also became the second most successful debut of the year in physical media, second only to Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

In addition to the success on PS5, Resident Evil Village also shone on PS4. About 31% of the physical copies marketed in the UK were sold to the console, while the Xbox had a 20% share of the units in the UK. also points out that sales in physical media plunged 40% compared to Resident Evil 7, indicating an increase in the use of digital media.

Success on PC

While we don’t have estimates on the sales of digital copies of Resident Evil Village on the consoles, the game was successful on the PC. According to data from Steam, the new Capcom title had the best release for a horror franchise game.

According to data collected by SteamDB, Capcom’s game peaked with more than 101,000 simultaneous users on the Valve platform during the first 24 hours on the PC. The number was enough to place the production among the three most played games on Steam on Friday (7).

Before Resident Evil Village, the franchise game with the best launch on computers was the remake of the first Resident Evil, which arrived on Steam in 2015. The title debuted on the platform with 74,000 simultaneous players.

The third best debut of the franchise on the PC is Resident Evil 3 Remake, released in April last year. The title reached 60,000 simultaneous players in its debut. Resident Evil 7, the latest original game in the saga, peaked at 20,000 users during its launch day on the computer.


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