Resident Evil Village: check resolution and performance of each platform


Resident Evil Village: Today (15), during the Resident Evil Showcase broadcast we had several information about the Resident Evil Village, such as details of the story and enemies, a new demo that will have 60 minutes and The Mercenaries mode, with new additions that will spice up the gameplay. But did you think it was over? Found it wrong! Capcom also revealed how the game will run on each platform, check out the following:

PS5: 4K HDR / 60 fps
PS5 (Ray Tracing on): 4K HDR / 45 fps
PS4 Pro: 1080p / 60 fps
PS4 Pro (High resolution mode): 4k HDR / 30 fps
PS4: 900p / 45 fps
Xbox Series X: 4K HDR / 60 fps
Xbox Series X (Ray Tracing on): 4K HDR / 45 fps
Xbox Series S: 1440p HDR / 45 fps
Xbox Series S (Ray Tracing on): 1440p HDR / 30 fps
Xbox One X: 1080p / 60 fps
Xbox One X (High Resolution mode): 4K HDR / 30 fps
Xbox One: 900p / 30 fps
Stadia: 1080p / 60 fps or 4K / 60 fps (4K with upscale and dynamic resolution)

So, what did you think? Excited? Tell us in the comments section!


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