Resident Evil Village Breaks Sales Records


Resident Evil Village is breaking sales records. Developed by Capcom and leaving its mark in 2021, Resident Evil Village is breaking sales records. The game, which is among the cornerstones of the horror genre, has sold 4 million copies worldwide. Thus, the game broke the record by surpassing the other productions of the series.

Resident Evil Village continues to mark 2021

Resident Evil Village, which has attracted attention since its release, has become the favorite of the actors in a short time. In a published press release, Capcom reported that the game has sold over four million so far.

As industry analyst Daniel Ahmad stated on Twitter, this figure surpassed Resident Evil 3 Remake, which was released in April last year. As Capcom announced in its third quarter report for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021, as of January this year, RE3 had reached 3.6 million sales.

If the sales of Resident Evil Village continue at this rate, it seems to surpass the highly successful Resident Evil 2 too. Resident Evil 2, on the other hand, sold 4.2 million units two months after its release. Resident Evil Village sales have reached 4 million since its launch on May 7, 20 days ago.

Finally, Capcom in this context: “We continue to work to create extremely entertaining gaming experiences. “Meeting the expectations of our fans is a priority for us”.

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