Resident Evil Village Adds Additional Accessibility Options in the Big October Update


Fans of Resident Evil Village have something to be happy about. The Winters expansion is tentatively scheduled to launch on October 28, and with it Capcom will launch a third-person mode, additional mercenary orders and the Shadows of Rose story DLC. A combination of Resident Evil Village and Winters’ Expansion will be re-merged into Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. Capcom has announced further plans for this release, expanding its capabilities with new special features.

In a message posted on Twitter, the official Resident Evil account confirmed that the free update will be released simultaneously with the release of the Winters add-on for Resident Evil Village. This update will focus on accessibility issues, not content or fixes. Overall, the changes are small, but for some Resident Evil fans who are worried about accessibility, these small changes can significantly improve the game.

The first improvement that appeared in the Resident Evil Village accessibility update is the addition of switches for various subtitle options. The first parameter will be the size of the subtitles, the second — the color of the subtitles, and the third — the background of the subtitles. We hope that these options will provide everything necessary for people with vision problems, whether color blindness or low vision, to easily see and read the subtitles of Resident Evil Village.

The next two improvements will focus on the sound issues in Resident Evil Village. The second improvement adds the speaker’s name before his subtitles, which should help those with hearing problems recognize who is speaking. Then the third improvement adds closed captions. Extending the idea of subtitles, hidden titles should provide textual descriptions of events in detail and sound queues, which, in particular, do not include voices.

The fourth and final accessibility add-on to be released with Winters’ Expansion, is a permanent grid. This is a goal that will be constantly in the center of the players’ screen, which will allow them to more accurately assess what they are looking at or what they are aiming at. The uncertainty of what Resident Evil Village players are aiming for may prove intrusive for some players with poor visibility or other conditions. It’s also a great option for players who just need additional visual gameplay support.

Overall, these four special features additions will improve gameplay for a significant number of Resident Evil Village players. It’s a pity that these features weren’t available at the launch of Resident Evil Village, but better late than never. As already noted, special features will be available to Resident Evil Village players for free after the release of the Winters add-on on October 28.

Resident Evil Village is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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