Resident Evil: The movie will arrive in September this year


Work on the Resident Evil reboot movie is already underway, and those waiting for this project to launch may have a chance to see it on the big screen as early as September 3 – that, of course, if the information on the Deadline website is correct.

According to information on the network, this film comes with the premise of getting closer to what we saw in the first and second games of the series, because the current director, Johnannes Roberts, liked these games and intends to bring the same visceral experience seen on them for the big screen.

“With this film I really wanted to go back to the first two games and recreate the visceral experience I had when I played each one while I tell the most human story of a small doomed city, in a way that is relevant to today’s audience ”Commented Roberts.

Another important information disclosed in the official profile of the film on Twitter is the fact that he already had his recordings started in December last year.


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