Resident Evil series sales figure announced


The total sales figure of the Resident Evil series worldwide was announced by Capcom. The sales figure, which reached a significant threshold, covers all the games of the series. According to the published report, the total sales of all games of the series reached 100 million.

After the first game on sale in 1996, a tremendous success was achieved. There was a huge increase in sales with subsequent games and remastered versions.

Resident Evil sales figure toppled 100 million
In the same report published by Capcom, several more games have sales figures. The Street Fighter series managed to sell 44 million copies and the Monster Hunter series 63 million copies. The Resident Evil series, which has 13 games in total, has overtaken both series by the same developer by a large margin.

The third game, which appeared in April, was able to sell 2 million copies. This means that the success of the series actually comes from previous games. The series, which is the heart of Capcom, has made a big profit for the company. In the future, we can see new games in this series.

According to the report published at the end of 2019, the games of the series were able to sell 98 million in total. It is not difficult to guess that the remaining two million are won by the third game.


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