Resident Evil Season 2 repeat the problem with Milla Jovovich’s films


Attention: Spoilers for Resident Evil from Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s Resident Evil is set to introduce more characters from the games, but it risks repeating the same mistake as Milla Jovovich’s films. Resident Evil video games and live action movies seem like two completely different franchises. While there have been many action-packed action games in the games, the series is best known for helping popularize the survival horror genre. On the other hand, in the films, more and more attention was paid to both the separation from the source material and the addition of bombastic action scenes.

Franchise purists largely disliked this direction, but few argue with the results. Despite the poor reviews of most of the films “Resident Evil” starring Milla Jovovich, the saga has collected more than $ 1.2 billion worldwide. Netflix’s Resident Evil is the latest live—action iteration in which the TV show is largely separated from the games — although they are still considered backstory – and it has been a successful streaming experience for Netflix. Unfortunately, it was met with mixed to poor criticism.

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It should be noted that Netflix’s Resident Evil has many high-profile defenders, but the critical reaction against it is hard to deny. The season ended with the teenage versions of sisters Jade and Billy Wesker going to meet Ada Wong, a spy character who occupies a prominent place in the game series. A serious criticism of the series is that it looked like an adaptation in name only, but with Ada’s cliffhanger, the second season of Resident Evil is set to be more faithful. However, this move is likely to result in Netflix’s exit making the same character mistake as Jovovich’s films.

In the films Resident Evil, game characters were used as props

In Jovovich’s films, the actress was in the spotlight, and they were an excellent demonstration of her skills as an action hero. However, with each new entry, Resident Evil films became less and less associated with the source material. Monsters and settings were pulled out of the games, but little else. The Jovovich Era also added playable characters to each sequel to appease fans, but instead of feeling like faithful real-time images, they instead felt like actors in cosplay. Reproductions of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, or Leon Kennedy may have been dressed in similar costumes or used the same props, but the films weren’t interested in fleshing them out or even giving them cool stuff.

In the Resident Evil movies, characters like Albert Wesker or Ada were relatively accurate, but most of them felt like props. The films were ultimately Alice’s journey, and with the preparation of a potential second season of Resident Evil from Netflix, the same mistake is likely to happen again. The show focuses on the adventures of teenagers Jade and Billy in a split timeline in 2022 and their post-apocalyptic adventures in 2036. like Ada, Claire Redfield or Leon, it would be a different situation where they seem to please the fans but have little impact on the narrative as a whole. Perhaps the creators of the Netflix show Resident Evil, which featured classic game monsters, will take into account the reviews about the series, and season 2 will be a big improvement, but adding classic characters will not necessarily be the solution that some hope for.


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