Resident Evil: over 100 million units sold


The remake of the third installment reaches 2.7 million in three months, a lower figure than other deliveries in a longer period of time.

Time to put the financial results in order. Capcom, the company responsible for sagas such as Mega Man, Monster Hunter or Resident Evil, has presented the corresponding financial results with the first quarter of fiscal year 2021. The company has already published the report, which can be accessed publicly. The document provides financial information on various sagas and business areas of the company, among which is its star survival horror. Thus, the Japanese have updated the global sales of Resident Evil, which have already exceeded 100 million units.

In total they are 103 million, but the figures of the most recent installment of the saga have also been reflected. According to the report, Resident Evil 3 Remake has surpassed 2.7 million copies sold in just three months. Still, compared to other chapters, the production has sold well below them. Residen Evil 2 Remake managed to place 4.2 million in just two months and a week, while Resident Evil 4 managed to reach 3.5 million in that same period of time. Also Resident Evil 6 (4.5 million in three months) and Resident Evil 5 (4.4 million in three weeks), surpass the numbers of the adventure starring Jill Valentine.

How much have the other Capcom sagas come?

As for other major Capcom sagas, the document reveals that the Monster Hunter series has reached 64 million units sold, while Street Fighter has reached 45 million. Mega Man (36 million), Devil May Cry (22 million) and Dead Rising (14 million) follow.

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