Resident Evil Outbreak: HD Renders Heat Up Rumors Of Remakes


Resident Evil fans are always hungry for news, and the series’ official Japanese website may have given us some good reasons to get excited! After all, new high definition images have been added to some classic games, which includes the Resident Evil Outbreak series, which was among Nvidia’s leaks!

The website reminds you that we will have one more update on March 1, 2022, when we will probably have the addition of some more exclusive images. As you can see below, on the series history page we can already browse more art, descriptions and HD visuals of Outbreak 1 and 2, as well as CODE: Veronica:

While we still don’t have any official news about a remaster of the Resident Evil Outbreak titles, some players have taken heart to notice that their textures have been greatly improved in the images, perhaps indicating plans to revive the games with a new look?

These additions could be overlooked if an Nvidia leak didn’t exactly address the Outbreak reveal, but even so, it’s best to treat all of this with healthy doses of skepticism for now.