Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness brings many scenes with Leon and Claire


Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, In addition to the new live action film Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Capcom also has Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a 3D animated feature film (CG), in production and has a new trailer, showing Leon and Claire together again in a plot that involves zombies invading the White House in the USA.

The CG movie takes place two years after Resident Evil 4, with Leon Kennedy acting as the security guard for the President of the United States. In the story, the president’s address is attacked by Umbrella’s biological weapons and the most beloved duo in the series must unite again. Check out the trailer:


Another novelty is that Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness won a launch window to debut on Netflix: July 2021. So, are you excited about the new CG movie of the franchise?


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