Resident Evil Infinite Darkness: Announced the Netflix cast


Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will be the next animated feature of Capcom’s classic horror franchise, which announced today (12) on the series’ official facebook who will be the actors responsible for living Leon and Claire in the new adventure!

Leon S. Kennedy will be played by Nick Apostolides, while Claire Redfield will come to life thanks to the talent of actress Stephanie Panisello. If the names seem familiar, it is precisely because the duo had already worked on the same roles in the game Resident Evil 2 Remake! In addition, the animation received new photos, which you can see below:

The pair’s new journey has already been confirmed as something completely canonical and will take place in 2006, when Agent Leon helps the SWAT team to fight zombies inside the White House, and Claire, part of the TerraSave organization, investigates a mysterious image drawn by a young boy showing a victim of virus infection.

There is still no exact confirmed release date for the animation, which should reach the streaming service in 2021, but you can already tell us in the comments below what you expect from it!


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